2023 Elections-“Peter Obi says he will give women appointments 35-40 percent- National Women’s leader of the Labour Party, Manuga

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Dugu Manuga, the National Women’s Leader of the Labour Party, stated on Monday that in order for Peter Obi’s presidency to be realized, women must take charge of the campaigning. 

Manuga reminded the audience of their ability to influence the outcome of their candidates while speaking at the State Labour Party and “Obidient” women’s mobilization engagement conducted in Gombe to educate groups prior to the 2023 elections. 

Manuga stressed that without women reaching out, engaging, mobilizing, organizing, and defending their mandate, the ambition of Obi would not be feasible.

She pledged that she would do everything in her power for the party to achieve in the polls and all subsidiaries and held herself accountable if the party fails where she is stationed.

She praised Peter Obi for his sagaciousness and his plans to give 35 percent of women appointments in political offices.

“Peter Obi says he will give women appointments 35-40 percent. It will not be less than 35 percent. Remember when he was governor of Anambra State, it was 40 percent, not just 40 percent he gave strong positions to women that traditionally they don’t give women,” She stated.

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