How godfatherism plays an underlying role during Elections in Nigeria

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godfatherism has been the foundational abstract monument that triggered thuggery and intimidation which has been prevalent over the years most importantly in polls, campaigns, and rallies.

godfatherism has become one of the most grievous issues facing the traditional Nigerian political administration.

As the saying goes, “He who pays the piper calls the song,” the political office bearer turns into his godfather’s puppet. The godfather is ultimately removed from office after the godson refuses to comply with their (godfather’s) demand.

The huge amount of money that Nigerian godfathers have spent to finance the elections of their godsons has completely commercialized Nigerian elections, making persons of integrity and character fail to uphold their true propaganda when they enter political office.

It has always been a threat to democracy and a barrier to the system in upholding its true tenets and values.

The Constitution has been the yardstick by which democracy follows and every individual including the government must adhere to it.

It bestows supervision to the system(democracy) and its features which include fundamental human rights, free and fair elections, respect for the rule of law, and popular participation which is the main context of this piece.

The independence of the judiciary is a predominant feature of democracy however it’s meant to play an underlying role, but its jurisdiction given by the Constitution isn’t used judiciously and seems to have fallen short of expectations, infected by the disease called godfatherism like cancer that destroys body tissues(pillars of democracy)and as a whole, Nigeria.

godfatherism propels intimidation and thuggery causing Nigerians to be apathetic and lack enthusiasm towards popular participation and exercising their civil rights and obligations.

Law enforcement agencies that are meant to serve as resistance to the issue are being compromised and are being used by megalomaniac political actors that will do anything to obtain political power into office.

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