Lagos State government to charge Landlords without trashcans


In order to preserve a clean environment, the Lagos State Government has announced that it will start prosecuting homeowners in 2023 who cannot provide proof that they have trash cans.

This information was revealed on Friday during an event in Olusosun, Ojota, to mark the third anniversary of the Lagos Recycling Initiative by Mr. Ibrahim Odumboni, the managing director of the Lagos State Waste Management Authority. 

According to Odumboni, the number of registered recyclers in the state increased from three in 2019 to over 157 in 2022, leading to over 12,500 new job possibilities.

Beginning on October 1, every home must have a trash can. It is a requirement that cannot be altered. All you need is a trash can. It is stated in state law.

If you don’t have a trash can, you will receive an abatement notice and, starting on January 4, 2023, you could face legal action if you can’t show proof of your trash can. To receive a container for your home, you have three months to organize yourself. 

The Executive Director, LAWMA, Mr. Adekunle Adebiyi sheds light on the need to recycle to fight pollution in surroundings.

Plastic garbage frequently finds its way into the ocean, where it pollutes, threatens ecosystems, suffocates biodiversity, and contaminates the food chain. Our way of life will be in danger if this tendency keeps up, and all the landfills will be out of room in less than five years. 

In order to reduce the amount of waste going to the landfill, we must reuse and recycle waste to make something useful out of it.

Photocredit: vanguardnews

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