Lagos will control estate water providers.

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According to the Lagos State Water Regulatory Commission, the costs and water quality of commercial water and wastewater service providers in estates around the state will be adequately regulated. 

In a statement released on Sunday, the Lekki Estates Residents and Stakeholders Association was reported as saying that LASWARCO Executive Secretary Funke Adepoju divulged this during a stakeholders’ engagement held at the commission’s office in Ikeja, Lagos.

Section 311, Subsection 1 of the Harmonised Lagos State Environmental Management Protection Law, 2017, gives LASWARCO the authority to safeguard the long-term interests of customers with regard to the cost, reliability, and quality of services in the water sector.

To ensure the financial stability of the water sector and to regulate allowable returns to the operators, whether it be public or private water service provision, the commission is also legally empowered to regulate activities relating to abstraction, provision, consumption, production, supply, distribution, sale, and use of water, as well as the quality of service and the tariff payable. 

Accordingly, all necessary efforts will be made in accordance with the law to ensure that utility service providers in estates (of more than 50 tenements) throughout the state provide value for money, adhere to standards, and have the necessary licenses and permits to operate as water service providers.

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