Meet Georgia Meloni, 45, New Italian Prime Minister

Giorgia Meloni

Italy just elected a new Prime Minister!
She is 45 year old Georgia Meloni, who was born in Rome on 15th January 1977.

She graduated from the Amerigo Vespucci Institute in 1996 and she is the leader of the far right coalition. There is some controvesy about the status of the school, and whether it is a diploma awarding institution. Reminds us of some Nigerian politicians.

Now, as a leader of the far right coalition, what are we going to expect from her?

We expect tightening of immigration rules, abortion laws, xenophobia as well as islamophobia.

She has also expressed controversial views like praising Italian dictator, Benito Mussolini and Giorgio Amirante, the cofounder of the Italian Social Movement, a party with neo-fascist ideology.

Italy is braced for some interesting times under her leadership.

Photocredit: hoskinswitheyesse.blogspot.com

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