Nigerian Midfielder gets a university degree

Wilfred Ndidi  in Nigeria colors

Wilfred Ndidi, a midfielder for Nigeria, has finished his first degree at De Montfort University in England. 

In a video interview with Sport Daily, the Leicester City midfielder confirmed this and said that having a degree will give him additional opportunities outside of football. 

Ndidi clarified that the business and management skills will be useful because he intends to start a business after he quits from football. 

Yes, I’m finished, he replied. I enjoyed taking a 10-course course that qualified me for a legitimate university degree. 

When Ndidi was interviewed by Sportsmail in 2019, he went into great detail about his desire to further his studies while playing football.

Ndidi told Sportsmail, “I have free time, so instead of sitting and playing FIFA, it’s good to grasp the four walls of schooling

Ndidi also discussed his goal of giving Nigerian kids alternative options than football. 

“I’ve always wanted to play football, and right now it’s what I do for a living, but my father pushed me to stay in school and discouraged me from doing that. Until he first watched me playing for the Under 17 national team on television, he was not persuaded that what I was doing was the correct thing. 

I have a clear image of a location where you can play football and study, either in Lagos or Abuja, because Nigeria has such a large population and it is so difficult to make the grade as a footballer.

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