U.S Government lessen the sentence of Hushpuppi for solving other criminal cases

Popular Internet Scammer, Hushpuppi has been granted clemency as his jail sentence was reduced by the U.S authorities to 11 years for solving other crime cases.

Prosecutors have asked the judge to sentence the convicted with eleven years and also three years of surveillance upon his release for his involvement in a foreign conspiracy that earned him millions of dollars.

The change occurred more than two years after the head of the biggest Internet fraud ring was detained in Dubai in June 2020 for orchestrating many schemes that preyed on victims in Europe and the US.

In April 2021, he entered a guilty plea when the prosecution learned of his involvement in a separate scheme to scam a Qatari businessman who lost $810,000 while applying for a loan to start an international school.

The government argued that Mr. Abbas’ conviction was diminished because of his cooperation with investigators on other active criminal matters.

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